August 8, 2002
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This year three first rate Canadian painters have passed away: Kazuo Nakamura (b.1926), was a member of the Painters 11 (flash site, doesn't seem to be working right now, short articles here, and here). Jean-Paul Riopelle (b. 1923) was a member of Les Automatistes whose Le Refus Global helped to completely reshape Quebec culture. Riopelle passed away last March. Finally, Michael Forster (b.1907?) was a WWII vet and a war artist. He passed away in July.
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Nakamura in particular doesn't seem to be well represented on the web; I've only found one image of a Nakamura painting online, although it is a lovely work. Anyone in Toronto can see more of his work at the AGO, as well as Moore Gallery. Riopelle's work from the fifties reproduces terribly - as often as not it ends up looking like complete shite; you definitely have to see it in RL. His stuff that I've seen from the 80s and 90s comes through much better.
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What about Paterson Ewen?
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Holy shit, I did not know he died. Wow.. I just saw one of his shows last month. Gah.. that sucks.
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