All about the flea circus in five minutes or less
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My favorite part is how it wasn't until halfway through the flea circus era that it became about the fleas instead of the miniatures, and what that says about the commonplaceness of human fleas vs miniatures.
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Here is an article.
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I suspect that I am not alone in getting psychosomatically itchy watching those.
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This is great!

I do shudder at the thought of putting a leash on a flea/dressing up dead fleas in tiny costumes. Though I do love tiny costumes.

I was a kid when I learned that flea circuses often had no fleas in them at all and I thought it sounded much nicer that way.
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The only flea circus I ever saw, as part of a traveling fair, pretty clearly had no fleas whatsoever — at least not intentionally. It was just a bunch of motorized trapeze swings, tiny carts moving via magnets (or whatever) and the "value" was in seeing the miniature stuff. I had no idea actual fleas were ever used.

That seems so much weirder.
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I thought a flea circus was, e.g., a couch you find on the side of the road.
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Coincidentally I recently heard the owner of a New York based Flea Circus guesting on a 1940s-era episode of Fred Allen's radio show and it sent me on a deep dive into this history. Really fascinating in a sad, weird, creepy, fun way!
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Has anyone else ever used "flea circus" as a description to disparage some undertaking? I am thinking today of Trump's defense in the impeachment trial.
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I was a kid when I learned that flea circuses often had no fleas in them at all and I thought it sounded much nicer that way.

Until watching this video, I thought this was the only type of flea circus that had ever existed.
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Likewise, and I was so flabbergasted I went and checked with my wife to see if *I* was the idiot, but no, she thought the same thing.
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I can remember a flea circus in the early 60s at Belle Vue zoo/amusement park in Manchester (Lancashire). It was a smallish circular pavilion with the punters standing around 2/3 of a table which the performers were on. I cannot remember if there was a screen between the performers and audience or not.

I am fairly certain the fleas were shown to us via a magnifying glass and baffled by the idea of flea-free flea circuses, what did people pay to see?
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