Just a Dash
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Just A Dash (Season 1, Season 2) is a cooking show (...for various definitions of "cooking" and "show") starring Matty Matheson.

Fair warning for excessive foul language, shots of half chewed food, screaming, among other things.
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Don't miss the less fever-dreamy flavors of Home style cookery.
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He can be tolerable in small doses but I was like 100% sure Michelle was his wife for the longest time (she's not) because I could not conceive of anyone else putting up with him for that long.
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In all fairness, I made his chorizo lasagna. It turned out fantastic.

Tonight, however, his falafel recipe has caused strife. One tablespoon of cayenne is a mountain my mild-palated wife won't traverse. She is still angry as I type.
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I recommend the episodes he guested on It's Alive where he and Brad Leone went noodling.
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I have to slow watch Matty, because the yelling it does no good for my nerves. But he seems like a great and fun cook, so I keep watching.
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Fun guy, good cook, and I could deal with the yelling... But the singing. Oh, the singing.
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He's like Action Bronson's negaverse cousin.
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I make his buttermilk pancakes and had a great burger at his restaurant but ya the “swear and yell about women’s bodies” schtick is laaaaaame
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Matty Matheson knows how to make otherwise good food almost completely unappetizing solely through the force of his personality.
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Yeah Matty is pretty over the top here and the yelling, oof, but you know his first cook book isn't terrible. I stumbled on Matty's book when I started seeing east coast Canadian culinary gifts rappie pie and donair sauce pop up with food writers in the US. Which is a weird thing to me. Like poutine I can understand Americans getting. But rappie pie fans south of the border? That's some strange business. As a Canadian of Acadian descent, trust me there's better things you can do with a potato.
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swear and yell about women’s bodies” schtick

Is this a thing with him? I've watched about six videos of him and not seen him do this at all.

Really enjoying his material on YouTube—so far.
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