Surly Bartender Not Included
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I Miss My Bar. Ambient bar sounds so you can recreate your favorite haunt at home.
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alternately ... D&D Ambience - Bar Room Brawl
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Be true to your bar!
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>Surly Bartender Not Included

I said, I miss my bar.
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I don't think the local ax bar that opened in 2019 survived. That was going to be my spot. I took the kids a couple times. Sad.
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I miss karaoke.
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Had a beer at my favorite local brewery today. Couldn’t chat with the bartender as they were too busy and there’s a plexiglass sheet in front of you but at least the head brewer stopped by to talk for a few minutes. Not quite optimal but it was nice nonetheless.
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Needs a slider for "briefly-overheard drug deal".

So you got any .... sure are you looking .... niiiiiiice .... fifty per ..... yeah I'll take ..... cool man .... lemme know if you ... oh definitely ... hey if you get any .... you bet ... haven't heard of much ... i'll check my guys
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Every Saturday morning, my kid and I eat takeout breakfast at home. We always put on background sounds. Usually YouTube restaurant sounds, sometimes D&D ambience like dungeons and seaside villages and things.

This is going to be great.
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Gurple: might want to make sure these are sounds from a bar that also serves food so OK for minors to be served.
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By far my favorite country song, after Wasted Days and Wasted Nights.
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I hadn’t realized how much I missed this soundscape until I played it.
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After damn near a year at home (with the exception of getting meds or shuttling the pets to various vets), I can't wait to go and stand at a brewery taproom and have a damn pint of beer.
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For best effect you gotta turn your bathroom light on, lock and close the door, then wait until you REALLY have to pee and just stand outside your locked bathroom looking at your phone while holding it in
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I don't know if it gets to this, but it needs that occasional massive group "WOOOOOO!" and clinks of glasses all around from a semi-distant table.
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Surly this...
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Way back when we had Grateful Dead shows, I had a taping buddy who would run multiple decks, and invariably he would let one of them just roll through halftime, recording the arena/stadium ambient sound. And occasionally, late at night I'd be driving down the road, and the first set (or encore) would end and there would be 10 minutes of just listening to people going to the bathroom and to get a beer, plans for after the show, just ordinary people.

I Miss Jerry.
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I love this. I miss my bar so much. It may have closed down for good.

I don't recall ever hearing crickets there, though :-D

Post your bar!
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Missing the sound of shoe soles unpeeling from the sticky floor partially dried cocktail spill.
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Smith's Tavern, 440 5th Ave. Brooklyn.
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I miss hanging out with the old corner crew at my local pub here. We called it the "Book Club", and it was an interesting cross section of ages probably 25-78, all sorts of professions, natives, transplants expats etc... Conversations were pleasant, often hilarious and always welcoming. Strangers visiting the pub would tend to gravitate to the group and seamlessly meld right in like old friends. We lost one member two years ago and the local sportswriter (a club regular), did a touching article on their friendship. We then all got together and had an amazing evening of laughs in his honor.

Now with Covid, the group has faded for obvious reasons and I just heard another beloved member has passed on. What's sad is we will have to wait to get together and raise a glass to him. I'm not even sure who all will return, or if it will ever capture that magic of the Friday after work "Book Club" again, but I do miss it.
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How did they get smell to work over audio? Because I swear I got a whiff of that dive bar piss-and-beer smell. And I'd be lying if I said, awful as that smell is, that it didn't make me nostalgic.
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Post your bar!

The Patterson House, where we've gone with friends and just done several rounds of drinks with apps in-between. Turned it into a whole evening. I wish it was a closer drive; it's all the way up in Nashville.
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