You Give Love a Bad Rasputin
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You Give Love a Bad Rasputin (give it at least until the first stanza) (SLYT).
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A little more meat: mashup with WAP, a mega mashup, Poker Face, Victorious, All Star, bardcore, Bollywood, Bongo Cat.
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Wow, that was a lot better than I expected! Absolutely fantastic.

Never die, Disco.
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I am so here for the Bollywood version.
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Never die, Disco.

Well, then, you’re gonna love “Stayin’ Alive in the Wall”.
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I am so here for the Bollywood version.

I hate to be that guy, but technically it's the Tollywood version since the dance was ID'd in the comments as being "Pimple Dimple" from the Telugu movie Yevadu. Bollywood is primarily the Hindi film industry centered in Mumbai, while the Telugu film industry is centered in Hyderabad. Okay, that's probably info no one was asking to know, but ya gotta give South East India its due respects too.
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So. Sid Meier's Civilization VI has folk songs or classical songs for each civilization. And this is Arabia's, which I've heard a bunch of times over the course of a slow-moving game. There's a bit of the tune which is really similar to "Rasputin" and I pointed this out and now my 9-yr-old is obsessed with "Rasputin" so mission accomplished I guess.

I assumed Civ VI was unconsciously ripping off "Rasputin" but I guess this tune actually predates it?
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The mega-mashup is a monumental work of genius. Also, I am very old.
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Ah, so, further internet research (Wikipedia rabbit hole) reveals that the tune itself is called Katibim, and it's a Turkish folk song, and it's VERY likely that Boney M. subconsciously...incorporated it? Interesting comparison here.
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My brain felt very confused for the duration of that mashup, but I think it had a good time.
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They pulled a similar trick with Ma Baker and Sidi Mansour (earworm warning for both). I guess it's kind of their thing. They're either criminally underrated as a disco band or just criminals depending on your viewpoint.
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Ahh, my buddy saw Boney M live in concert in India on their world tour circa early 80s, said it was the craziest show ever..
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Is it Rasputin week in the mashup world? Shots With Rasputin - Boney M. vs. LMFAO feat. Lil Jon
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or just criminals depending on your viewpoint.

Boney M's creator/writer/producer was Frank Farian, Milli Vanilli svengali and subject of a few musical lawsuits! I think he was something of a musical magpie with many of his songs, but he can certainly make a catchy record...
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I knew I'd heard Didi Mansour somewhere else. Sir Richard Bishop, man. That's an odd way around...
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*Sidi Mansour! Autocorrect vs edit window... Sigh...
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Boney M never really caught on in the US but they were huge elsewhere. In the UK they have 2 of the top 20 best-selling singles of all time (neither of which is Rasputin).
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The non-profit I work for does “Dancing for the Cause” fundraisers twice a year when there isn’t a pandemic happening, and I’m the DJ for these events. That mega mashup is definitely going to be played at the next ones we’re able to have, so thank you!
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I've always said that Milli Vanilli were treated harshly, they were live/session cats just doin their job, and Frank Farian is a musical genius.
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In a similar line or thought: I will survivor
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Boney M's creator/writer/producer was Frank Farian...

He was the lead vocalist, too. He hired stage performers after "Boney M" had its first hit.

Pop music is like sausage, I guess. And of course Hollywood is like sausage. And probably TV and the internet is like sausage. It's sausage all the way down, I'm thinking.

Mashups must be concentrated sausage.
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