Aha! Let's dance in the basement!
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The Basement Gang takes on energetic dancing (click on video to expand)

The Basement Gang is a (bubbled) group of friends in Canada that dance to a wide variety of genres.

We didn’t rehearse before filming; we’d just replay the song a couple times and if one of the guys did a cool move, we’d copy him. Then, we’d take turns recording, editing and uploading the videos. After we danced, we’d usually just go back to chilling out afterwards, like we always did. -TorontoLife article, with more links.

YouTube compilations

And this tribute by some followers for the video in the first link is pretty fun.
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Good stuff! Great to see folks having fun.
posted by irisclara at 10:43 AM on February 21

Woah.... One of those guys is huge! Like I am, I am tall and I've never felt like I fit on a dance floor. Too worried about my giant limbs spilling into other folks personal space. I'm having such joyful feelings seeing him move his tall body. Thank you so much for posting this - it's rocking my world!
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This is fabulous. I think I have now found my new fitness videos for my Zoom meeting breaks!
posted by hurdy gurdy girl at 3:26 PM on February 21 [2 favorites]

I love these guys! The Toronto Life article is good.
posted by evilmomlady at 4:22 AM on February 22

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