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Have you heard of Terra 98? It is an imaginary worldbuilding project that has been going since 2016, with the premise, "what if like Earth, but bigger?". There have been forks, lots of lore, plenty to delve into. Scandanavia in 2016. Indochina. HRE at maximum extent, 1236. The Middle East. The Han Dynasty. Distribution of Camelids in the Western Hemisphere. Thicc Solar System. North America in 1770. The American Civil War. The New Hollander States of the USA. Discovered via Reddit's Imaginary Maps forum.
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How big is Terra 98?
posted by Nancy Lebovitz at 6:30 AM on February 22

I am not so sure, but I think it is the same sized globe with slightly smaller seas.
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/r/imaginarymaps is a fascinating subreddit; a lot of it doesn't actually rearrange geography, but is more of a visualization of alternate histories. My favorite to date is probably this profoundly disturbing/hilarious concept.
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I love this stuff, yet I can't seem to engage with it very seriously. I admire the people who make it their hobby and then I feel bad for just skimming over their hard work!
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I looked first at Finland and the imaginary government used the exact symbols I scrape off lampposts in my Helsinki neighborhood when a Nazi decides to sticker it.

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