"Everything has kinetic potential"
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Tights! Spatulas! Action! The madcap world of chain reaction videos (The Guardian) - a very enjoyable showcase of the work of three full-time chain-reaction artists, featuring Joseph Herscher (previously), Steve Price (previously) and Lily Hevesh (previously).
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Great stuff. So, these are no longer called Rube Goldberg machines? Gosh I feel old.
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I kept waiting for the Pythagoras Switch theme music.
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I would be curious to see a timelapse of how much time is spent getting any of those ready for action...

Chain reactions are so fun. on the FAT (Friday after Thanksgiving) for over 20 years, the kinetic sculptor Arthur Ganson hosted a huge chain reaction event at MIT in the gymnasium. Individuals and teams would bring in sections and tie them all together.. definitely a fun time but also so so so much fiddling and nudging along to get things working... https://mitmuseum.mit.edu/fat

And don't forget the dark warehouse art classic Der lauf der ding . That's a short snippet of the whole thing which is longer and does has some sneaky cuts/fades in it but so much fun in a much darker/messier way.
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Featured in the article are the truly delightful Pass The Salt, but also the fiendishly clever Pass The Pepper. I recommend both of these highly.
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There are Rube Goldberg machines, kinnakeet, forever.
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The table falling bit in "Pass the Pepper" is pure astonishing delight. These are great, thanks for the post.
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The knives wielded by a spinning chandelier in The Hair Cutter are actually plastic. In The Cake Server (which co-opts a baby, smashes a laptop and is a good place to start), a hidden mirror stops him being decapitated by a wooden cartwheel and tiny bells are attached to the flying flowerpots.
By way of contrast, Colin Furze makes no such concessions to mere safety.
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