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KRAZAM is a YouTube channel making sketches about living in the internet era. From attending socially-distanced Coachella in VR to the fine art of standing table mat design to the daily grind of lifestyle hacks, the comedy troupe of Benjamin Burke and Shiva Kilaru satirize Silicon Valley real good. Best of: highlights from the competitive Microsoft Excel scene, the love and angst amongst microservices, and videochatting woes (made pre-pandemic!). Unlock the secrets to ETERNAL DIGITAL LONGEVITY
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I bet you INDEX/MATCH is faster than XLOOKUP.
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Watching Microservices is the easiest way to understand the vibe of working on software for a mildly interested party.

Senior Engineer also distills the spirit of tech interviewing, especially when companies make fresh faced new hires interview prospective super senior candidates and the ensuing awkwardness.
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The lifestyle hacks sketch that Aprcriphon posted above has one of the best YouTube comments I've every read, by a certain lreinirz (sort by top comments to find it). A perceptive and detailed analysis of the video. Here's the first few paragraphs but there's a lot more:

So this comment is fucking insane and I'm aware of it. But I was bored and I had the time, and for some reason I felt inspired to create something, even if it wasn't productive.

For some reason, this is one of my favorite videos on the internet. For one, it's goddamn hilarious. And for another it is absolutely stuffed with detail. I feel the need not just to point as many as I can notice out, but explain how they add to this... rather sad portrait of a person who is an utter blank slate.

So here we go.

Five seconds in, three things immediately get your attention:
1) Upbeat, exciting music playing
2) The camera work. Seriously, pay attention to the camera work in this. Notice when the camera rushes in and how often a shot focused on action lasts less than two seconds. The quick cuts and the dynamic shots. This builds excitement so well that you forget there is nothing interesting in this person's life, despite all their efforts.
3) A narration from our narrator, the hustler, who is full of a cocksure attitude.
So we see that this entire video is how he sees himself. It's pretty clear given the lack of human interaction the hustler has in this video that he's not telling this to anyone, and given the evident constant struggle the hustler has at being productive, he's not recording it to be published or anything of the sort.
This narration is just how his internal monologue goes. The excitement is how he wants his life to be.
Every day.

His SunlightAlarm™ goes on. For some reason. Doesn't serve much use since he's already up. I'd like to know what alarm actually wakes him up. Maybe he doesn't sleep. More on that later.
For now, it's enough to notice that he's up before 6:00 in the morning, fully dressed and active. That's a half hour of set-up time at minimum.
Bonus: he calls an exercise bike a treadmill.
Fun drinking game: take a shot every time he does an activity and isn't connect to electronics. It's the best kind of drinking game since you'll still be sober by the end of the video.

Shower, Aeropress™, email.
This is one of the points where he may have gotten dangerously close to actually doing something of substance. There are no unread messages in his inbox, which means either maybe, just MAYBE he was going to contact someone about something, or more likely, he denied to himself that email was pointless, and told himself he has to read blogs about living his best life.

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Thank you for introducing me to this channel!
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More of my faves:
The other MAKRO Excel eSport video
The simple purity of their corporate ad
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