St Patrick’s Festival TV is now live
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Irish comedian / twitter person Michael Fry kicks off the event with his one person indie band's music video. The festival is here.

His previous work includes internet memes as performed by his indie band, Catherine's enemies, and Folsom Prison Blues but it's Horse Outside. Obligatory How It Started.

As a bonus: Irish comedian Killian Sundermann reviewing stone walls.
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That Michael Fry song is sweet and TYFS. Foil Arms and Hog wave the flag. I spent yesterday sending free An Post postcards [*] to all my pals ironically lamenting the fact that there would be no parade in Graiguenamanagh, Co Kilkenny where we've been making an appearance most years for the last 25 years. "ironically" because, the parade is dreadful and wonderful: like your favorite aunt, who drinks pints, says the wrong thing, but she's always there for you. Mid-March is iffy for weather: we've had horizontal sleet and bright sunshine and grand-soft-days and buffeting winds; sometimes in the same year. StPs on line is not the same thing at all at all. I'll be pouring my shrunk shanks into the green tights of youth and making my own parade. The horses may be frightened but that's traditional too.

[*] At the start of the 'rona, An Post, the state mail service, delivered a bunch of post-paid anywhere in Ireland postcards to every domestic address. I sent about 50 of them: everyone still alive in our address book. In Feb they delivered more - our postie gave me extras because he knows I'll use them.
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At the start of the 'rona, An Post, the state mail service

As a relative newcomer here, while I know An Post translates to The Post(office), I still do a double take whenever google maps highlights one for me. As if someone’s been going around identifying particularly nice fence posts.
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For those who are missing that indescribable local St Patrick’s Day Festival er vibe. This captures it very well.

And this seriously is probably the greatest Irish song of the decade.
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