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Louis Coulon was a metal worker with a 6 foot long mustache and an 11 foot long beard. Sometimes he would pose for novelty postcards with his cats.
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My 6 year old: "That is a long beard."

I'd have to agree.
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(Wow, without an adblocker the ads on that page are...extensive.)

I’m honestly impressed that as a metalworker he never caught that beard on fire.
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*that’s* who that guy is! Neato.
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Two Owls and a Hen, four Larks and a Wren...
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Yeah, wow, that beard seems like an extra challenge when working with molten metal. I wonder if at that time a "moulder" maybe just specialized in making the molds, and casting was a different specialist job. I wonder how many of his parts had beard hair impressions as part of the cast surface finish.

Anyway, A+ kitty.
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This link has more info about how he managed that:
You’d think that his insanely long beard must have hindered his work, right? But no, Louis Coulon came up with a rather novel way to deal with it. It is told that he rolled up his beard into a kind of ‘mattress’ and laid it on his chest under his shirt. Nothing like an extra layer of personal insulation, working next to a blast furnace!
I imagine it'd be quite sweaty. You'd know when this guy was in the neighborhood.
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Isn't a moulder someone who makes moulds? Someone who casts metals is a founder, I think. But not my line, so I'm happy to learn.
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I like his hats too. They balance it all.

Imagine his week: go to work, go to work, go to work, pose for postcards with ?daughter who's very So, What, Huh? Ppffft!; go to work; more pose. Spend all day bathing. Repeat. Occasionally update hat with ribbon.
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The daughter part beggars the imagination.

Thank God.
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It's Captain Tinker and Jenny Linsky!
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I approve of this.
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for those of you on team chats
step 1: "Hey everyone, the time machine worked! I've returned from the year 2081 with a pic of (that guy on the team with a beard)"
step 2: paste image
step 3: make self laugh

that is all. oh, if anyone types in something snarky then you just respond with "(guy on team with a beard) from 2081 told me you'd say that"
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He had the kindest eyes.
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> I’m honestly impressed that as a metalworker he never caught that beard on fire.

I prefer to think that the beard caught on fire reasonably frequently, and each postcard is showing the results after a few months of regrowth.
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In the photos it looks like at some point the lower half or so of the beard turned into a single dreadlock for at least a couple of feet.
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Regular fires are necessary for the beard ecosystem. The new growth is healthier, stronger, and better able to support cats.
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There was an Old Man with a beard,
Who said, “It is just as I feared!—
Two Owls and a Hen, four Larks and a Wren,
Have all built their nests in my beard.”

—Edward Lear
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When the cats are ripe, they drop from the beard and scatter. Some cats will find suitable niches in automotive repair shops, academic libraries or spare cubicles near server rooms.
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