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If you can only follow one music podcast focused mainly on early eighties electropop (and Sheffield based early eighties electropop in particular), follow Martyn Ware's. The co-founder of Heaven 17 and The Human League not only talks to old pals like Martin Fry or Midge Ure, but also musicans as different as Sandie Shaw and Elly Jackson.
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This is amazing. Can't wait to plough through these!
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because I just stumbled upon it looking for something else ...

Martyn Ware talks Tina Turner, Heaven 17 and Sound design | Red Bull Music Academy

loathe as I am to say much nice about big deal soft drink mega corps, The Red Bull Music Academy talks do tend to have excellent hosts. They've done their research. They know how to listen. So that less than a minute in you get:

"Starting out as a futurist, which in those days was a fashion statement in Sheffield where I grew up -- there wasn't much about the present that was worth having."

Reminds me of how much the post-industrial British Midlands of Maggie Thatcher were the canary in the coalmine for where the whole so-called western world seems headed.
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