Stop Motion Lego Chocolate Cake
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Lego in real life Like Lego? Like cake? This video is for you.
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That was amazing. So much attention to detail!
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That was fun, relaxing and pleasantly clicky. But part of me expected the finished product reveal to be of the fork cutting into an actual cake that looks just like Legos (and I’ve seen some that do).
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When the bar of chocolate appears, the baker guides it under a white thing with red lights (?) on it. It seems to unwrap the chocolate? What is that?

The cats were a nice touch. Also the cow.
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The bar unwrapping machine is a way to unwrap the bar of chocolate without introducing a lot of unavoidably jerky hand animation into the film.
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Just LOVED that! Showed it to three other people immediately.

The cracked egg, and the tea, and those cats, o my.
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This was charming. Thank you!
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Who tops a cake with chunks of semisweet chocolate? And who uses a hand mixer to blend chunks of chocolate and milk? Come on!

Really impressive animation! Loved it.
posted by Going To Maine at 9:59 AM on April 4

Oh, how satisfying to see the extra filling being smoothed out on the edges o' that cake!
And when the dough gets poured into the baking pan that first time. Yay!
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The site seems to be blocked.
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I showed this to my kids as something new and cool to watch and they watched it with me and then when it came to the recommended other videos they were like "oh this one is good" because they had already watched many of these videos that I never knew existed until this post. They don't spend a lot of time on YouTube but somehow they're still miles ahead of me.
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