It’s kind of long but full of suspense
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Reading this article about the director Janicza Bravo definitely makes me want to see it. And gah that this was initially going to be a film with a script written by two white dudes and and directed by James Franco--that would have been a waste of a Zola's amazing storytelling.
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Colman Domingo has been talking about this on his FB a lot and I CANNOT WAIT
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Normally this is the kind of thing I would probably skip out on, but I've said it before and I'll say it again: A24 is like this decade's Pixar. They just keep surprising me with interesting, smart, high-quality work that doesn't revolve around punching and explosions. So I will absolutely give this a chance.
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A24 is like this decade's Pixar.

Last night I remembered just how much I loooooved Midsommar. It honestly might be the best film of the last ten years.

So, I too will be there for this one, when it's out.
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This looks fabulous, and I hate movies like this. But that tweet thread was golden.
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I always kind of felt like the woman at the center of Zola's story, that what happened between that woman and her pimp didn't at all seem consensual and it felt like Zola was mocking that? And the entire internet just went along with it? Because at least this very marginalized voice was getting her story told when that happens very rarely? Idk, maybe my read on it is wrong, I just remember feeling really uncomfortable with a lot of it.
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