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Parry Gripp (of Nerf Herder "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" fame) – Dump Truck (SLYT). (If you need something to have running through your head for 10 years.)
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I mean it's good but not Raining Tacos good.
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Baby Shark, if we're scraping the bottom of the barrel.
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How dare you speak of Parry Gripp without linking to Guinea Pig Bridge.

How very dare you
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I like it, but it's no Chimpanzee Riding On A Segway.
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OMG so catchy. And now he should make some OH&S ones, how about bending from the knees to lift things safely?
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I must show this to my three year old immediately
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🎶 OH, POTATO DOG ... 🎵
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saw this and just popped in to say what zamboni already did:

He's lacking business acumen

is absolute peak Parry Gripp, if not all-time peak internet, and a must-see if you haven't yet. or even if you have.
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Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom will always be my favorite.
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I don't know why learning that the man responsible for Chimpanzee Riding on a Segway also wrote the Buffy the Vampire Slayer opening song is breaking my brain today, but it is.
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Breakfast Burrito is my gateway Parry Grip song.
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My children and I are instantly big fans of this. As someone who was a fan of Nerf Herder (in the pre-extremely online times), I'm a little surprised I didn't know about all his solo stuff for "kids".

(Digging into it a little, it looks like he did many of the songs for Netflix's Ask the Story Bots, which my kids also loved).
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I’m glad Parry Grip is still pumping out tunes, but it’s been a while since he’s hit the dizzy heights of Baby Monkey or Lazy Harp Seal. I live in hope.
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I find myself compelled to direct you to Neon Pegasus.
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Breakfast Burrito is my gateway Parry Grip song.

My kids are obsessed with this and they don't even like burritos, breakfast or otherwise.
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Personally partial to Pachelbel's porcupine.
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Breakfast Burrito is my gateway Parry Grip song

Great Nachos, Great Price is what did it for our family. We had a Parry Gripp run that lasted a good few years. I owe that guy for a lot of silly laughing with my kids.
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MrVisible, my kids still sing "with a face just like George Clooney" from Neon Pegasus even though they have no idea who George Clooney is.

Between Neon Pegasus and Last Train to Awesometown and everything else, this guy has entertained my kids and I for hours and hours.
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My son got into Roblox last year. There are games in there where characters can buy virtual boomboxes which play annoying tunes incessantly. Many of these are low-fidelity copies of pop tracks, distorted rap, blown-out dubstep samples - and Parry Grip tunes.

It's Raining Tacos took a hold of our family.

My son tried tacos on the basis of this song. He doesn't like the crispy shells and the chaos which ensues when he tries to eat them, but I think he persists because he gets to sing "It's Raining Tacos".
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The linked songs are all quite good, but clearly Space Unicorn is where it’s at.
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Without having looked, this is the same guy as "She's a young girl, talking about herself", right?

In which case, "running through your head for 10 years" is right, plus some more. I'm scared to look.
posted by illongruci at 11:51 AM on April 8

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