"It is, by far, the easiest way to write a tune as you can clearly see"
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Exuberant composer Guy Michelmore demonstrates how to write a tune using dogs, how to use inversions to improve your chord progressions (featuring an impressively impractical visual aid), how to write music while trapped in the boot of a VW Polo. Or if you you're in a hurry, how about music theory in 16 minutes? Bonus: Guy introduces the people of Britain to Cabbage Patch dolls in 1983.

There's loads more great videos about composition, film and TV scoring, and music production on Guy's YouTube channel.
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I've watched a bunch of his "serious" videos about composing and software. Even though he's very lively and entertaining in those, I didn't know that he did these less serious videos. These are great!
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I appreciated the music theory video, thanks! I finally understand the difference between a minor third and a major third.

(Or as Adam Neely would say: I appreciated the "harmonic style of 18th century European musicians" video.)
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