Goodbye Galen and Barbara.
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Goodbye Galen and Barbara. World-renowned wilderness photographer and writer Galen Rowell, and his wife and business partner Barbara Cushman Rowell, a photographer and writer in her own right, died early Sunday morning in an airplane crash outside of Bishop, Calif.
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Great link, thanx. Awesome use of color and scale. Sorry to see them go.
posted by buz46 at 10:00 PM on August 12, 2002

They touched many lives around the world, and they will be sorely missed. (from the press release)

That is surely true. Very sad news indeed. I remember seeing Rowell's photos for the first time, many years ago, and wondering how he had ever managed to take them. Then, when you noticed the rope dangling into the frame, you realized he was literally 'hanging out' with his climbing subjects. His photography was almost always impressive, and often transcendent.
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I have a couple of his books and he has always been one of my most favorite photographers. This is truly sad news.
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I was fortunate enough to meet Galen Rowell at a seminar, about ten years ago. He was an incredibly warm person, in addition to being a highly gifted writer and photographer; this news saddens me a great deal...
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this is tremendously sad news...

I have been a fan of Galen Rowell for years(he's one of the reasons I got into photography) and I had always planned to take one of his photo courses...

He was one of the top nature/adventure photogs, and will be missed by many...
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This is very sad. For a few years I subscribed to Outdoor Photographer, for which Rowell wrote a great monthly column. And his photography speaks for itself. Very sad news.
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