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Serial killer blog. Well not really. More of a religious rant than true crime novel, but the case of the Son of Sam murders has been reviewed for the possibility of a second suspect. An article in Fortean Times may have opened the floodgates, but I am unable to find an online source. Did anybody else see this story?
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I couldn't find a mention of him there.
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I haven't heard of this before, but lists it as coming online on Feb 23, 2001. Oddly, the archived version of the page contains a banner link to Jews for Jesus.
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jews for jesus?!

i wonder if anil is involved!
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My apologies for lack of a direct link. The Fortean Times article was only in their print magazine which takes a while to be put on their website. There have been reports about it on multiple local news shows here in New York, mainly about the investigation in Yonkers, but no websites.
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Ummm ... you might wanna tos us a crumb about the article that isn't online.

Without even seeing it, I'm gonna guess it's a rehash of Maury Terry's crackpot theory.
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The article is based around Maury Terry's theory about Berkowitz being part of a cult that aided him. The local news show about the subject (WABC) mainly talked about how the Yonkers police force may have had evidence of a second killer, but were called off when New York police took over the case.
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i ♥ son of sam!
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I read Maury Terry's book many years ago. He was linking Berkowitz to Manson, Anton LaVay, the "Cotton Club Murder" of, wannabe, producer Roy Radin, (which caused Demond Wilson, Lamont from Sanford and Son, to quit show-business and devote his life to JC) and a myriad of other activities. All of these occurrences are bizarre enough without trying to connect them in a tidy little Satanic package. However, if your looking for some funky shit this rambling list of "coincidences" is pretty freaky. Scroll down a bit for the good stuff, or read the whole frikkin thing. If your not familiar with the connections above, they are all laid out for you in this crazy web.
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