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Today is the last day to ask or answer a question on Yahoo! Answers. Tomorrow (April 20), it will be in read-only mode, and on May 4 it will be shut down by its parent company Verizon. Users will have until June 30 to request access to copies of their data.

The Archive Team is on the case, resuming a project that had started in 2016, when Verizon bought Yahoo!.
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Don’t look. I looked. Learn from my mistake.
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Dear Yahoo! Answers,

Is there any reason why you chose hitler's birthday to stop people asking questions?
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tired: how is babby formed?
wired: how shurb die?
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I don't recommend clicking the front page link I found it upsetting & not fun.
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Wow. I wonder how much of that final glurge of outrage!!1! is Russian IRA bots and how much is actual human Trump fans.

Days of babbys farming was of no blame clock.
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This begs the obvious question — is there anything out there to replace it?

(I know some will say Quora, but the UI is just ... uggg. Terrible.)
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Jesus, that a lot of racist trolls on that front page link bleep.

That's why it is shutting down. THINK OF THE MODERATION COSTS!!!
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Have you seen the questions on their front page? What did the askme mods ever do to you?
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Ugh. What a dumpster fire. Nuke it from orbit.
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Is AskMeFi ready to welcome an influx of Yahoo! Answers refugees?
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Same as in town
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Is AskMeFi ready to welcome an influx of Yahoo! Answers refugees?

We have to screen them for chestburster eggs and zombie bites first.
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Having irregularly visted Yahoo Answers in a vain attempt to get my name read on MBMBaM, I have noticed that just a tremendous number of questions are the nastiest fwd fwd fwd type fights about politics and the news of the day. I do sort of wonder if part of the calculus for shutting it down was that it was becoming basically unusable for any other purpose.
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Gizmodo: We're Archiving Yahoo Answers So You'll Always Know How Babby Is Formed

Left unaddressed by this (and similar efforts by Archive Team) is how these backups might be browsable/searchable.
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So, Verizon has Yahoo whittled down to just serving spam emails?
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The actual Final Yahoo [mirror] - (via)
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I’m not caught up; has My Brother My Brother and Me said what they are doing in the face of this news?
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The actual Final Yahoo [mirror] - (via)

That's pretty good even though it's not much of a question, but we also need its complement: the last answer to a question!
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The meta-question:

Is metafilter better than this website (Y!A)?

From the question - "The only problem with Metafilter is it's difficult to act weird on there....".
And from the only actual answer "its good but different".
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Mbmbam just released the long-awaited episode 420, "Funeral for a Friend," focused on Yahoo Answers' death.
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I wonder if there was/is a concerted effort to stuff the front page of Yahoo Answers with racist bullshit while it's in the news and people are looking at it, or if this is just the way Yahoo Answers has been for a while now.
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There is an article concerning the shuttering of Yahoo Answers in today's Grauniad / Guardian. It also considers MetaFilter and contains responses from Josh Millard.
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not sure i trust that guy
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All Yahoo Answers now redirect to a help page.

The Archiveteam effort didn't capture every question; they're not sure how much was missed, yet.

Verizon has sold Yahoo and AOL to Apollo, a private equity firm.
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WTF I thought private equity guys were supposed to be smart
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$5 billion?! That can't be straight-up real dollars.
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