Astronomia I: The Fall Of Saturn
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Duran Duran keyboardist Nick Rhodes and artist/singer/violinist Wendy Bevin are releasing their Lockdown Project across the next year. [Variety] Astronomia [YT overview video with artists, ~9m] is a 52-song, 4-volume project being released as 4 albums. Astronomia I: The Fall Of Saturn [YT audio playlist] came out on March 20, 2021. It can be heard (or purchased) on these online services.

Cinematic and atmospheric, each track will see a video released each week. The videos so far: The Great Attractor, Pandora & Prometheus, Changing Aspects Of The Rings, The Drowning Heart Of Andromeda, The Fall Of Saturn.
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This looks pretty cool! Thanks!

Just asking...Is Wendy Bevan related to Bev Bevan? Daughter? Granddaughter? There aren't a whole lot of string players with the last name Bevan, so I had to wonder.
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This article about her says her parents were classically trained British actors. I don't think that Bev Bevan was ever that.
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Listening to Astronomia on Spotify now, this is excellent, thanks.

Very ambient/atmospheric, fans of Brian Eno & Harold Budd should check it out.
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Listening. Good.

I smell a lotta Vangelis.

But good.
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Sounds interesting. I'll give it a listen.
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Wendy Bevan's "never heard before" description is quite a stretch. Sounds about how I would have expected based on the title and seems like it would work well with any planetarium show I've ever seen.
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First track alone I heard some callbacks to Nick's work on the Arcadia project. So yeah, I've heard some of this before.
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I'm just digging into this on Spotify but I'm already into it. Pray tell, do they have any plans to actually sell physical media? I didn't see any mention in the article, but if I wind up enjoying this as much as I think I'm going to - I'm definitely going to want something physical, preferably with some nice liner notes and art.
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This is really fantastic, with a sprawling sound that roams from tranquil reflection to Big Terrifying Cosmos and back again. It's funny, some parts remind me of Cevin Key's ambient projects, which really surprised me. I'm on my third listen now!
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Rhodes & Bevan interviewed for Vogue last week.

I can't find any mention of a physical release anywhere, but that might be waiting until Astronomia IV being released? Rhodes says he wants people to listen on good equipment with high quality headphones, so he's definitely interested in sound reproduction of the piece.

Bevan says she hopes people listen to each album as a whole, which I appreciate.
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New video released yesterday: Unknown Recital
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New video released today: Oceans Of Titan
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