Tamago music for chill out and study
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Somewhere in Japan, in a dimly-lit, sparsely-furnished efficiency apartment, an egg lies sleeping under a slice of bacon. You watch through the eye of a camera wandering aimlessly around the room. It takes in in the old-fashioned portable TV, balanced atop a cardboard box, showing a popularity ranking show being watched by nobody. And the empty bed, empty kitchenette, and empty sofa. And the boombox on the floor playing a mixtape of the sort of 'luuded-out lofi being streamed by hundreds of channels on Youtube. This is the Gudetama LiveCam & Chill Out BGM Radio stream and Sanrio wants you to suggest (in Japanese) what to furnish the apartment with next.

From the YouTube description, via Google Translate:
"It is a music distribution where you can enjoy a relaxing home time with Gudetama. Luggage arrives in the room from time to time, and things will gradually increase, but it will take time to prepare and ship, so please wait slowly. It seems that luggage arrives at the 'Gudetama Room' often during the daytime on weekdays. You may be able to request what you will receive at Super Chat...?"
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I was curious, so in case anyone else is as well: yes, there is a day/night cycle.

More magic spoiled inside! There's a different looping clip for what appears to be every hour. As far as I can tell, you never get to see when Gudetama gains or loses ham blankies. I was hoping for an omnipresent giant hand coming in to tuck Gudetama in.

For the last twelve-hour block YouTube has archived, Gudetama is always sleeping. I'd expect no less.

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I don't think I understand this, but the egg looks damn cozy. Snooze one out for all us sinners, Gudetama.
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With apologies to praemunire, Sam Elliot and the Coens:

I take comfort in that, know he’s out there. The Egg. Taking it over-easy for all us sinners.
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