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Voices From The Dawn I was looking at places to visit this summer and came across this fantastic collection of Ireland's prehistoric monuments.
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This looks fascinating, and I look forward to finding ones I'm less familiar with!

Abarta Heritage has a podcast on topics in Irish Archaeology called Amplify Archaeology which I'd recommend to anyone interested - it features episodes on prehistoric topics as well as medieval sites like Glendalough and Cashel. (Some of the episodes are recorded on site complete with background sheep).

The OPW also did 3 livestreams from Newgrange on the winter solstice in December (20th December actually featured the sun!) All 3 had commentaries and interesting insights and are available on YouTube.
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Just last week I booked a trip to Ireland for next year; fingers crossed the world complies and that works out safety-wise. This is extremely my cup of tea and hope to visit some, but I guess I can be comforted if it doesn't work out this year, these have been around for a while.
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404 on the map page.
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That site is full of interesting things and some very nice photos, but they've messed with the scrolling or something and I find it so frustrating trying to control the page that it's almost unusable. Same for anyone else?
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Same for anyone else?
The cover pages are all very clunky for me. Shame because it's like he's put so much effort into the content but the wordpress theme is pretty annoying.
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Yes- I think a really large monitor would help with the website's presentation. That theme is not very small-screen friendly. But the locations are beautiful!!
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Five years ago we spent two weeks in Ireland and these monuments were my favorite part! We saw Knowth, which shares a visitor's centre with Newgrange and is better for people who might get claustrophobic. You can climb up on the roof of one of the structures there! Both Knowth and Poulnabrone Dolmen are likely a bit older than Stonehenge. One day we circled the Dingle peninsula and saw Kilmalkedar Church, Gallarus Oratory, Staigue Fort ( here is my own picture) and the Beehive Huts.
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