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Liisa Vääriskoski is an artist, performer and filmmaker with an extraordinary, colourful and playful style, responsible for social media campaigns, music videos and adverts, largely in her native Finland. She has just made the glorious video for Your Fandango, the new record by Sparks and Todd Rundgren.
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Gosh! I love every creative choice she makes! The video for Fandango reminds me of a particular artist if they made a music video, but I can't remember who I'm trying to think of (someone says in the youtube link 'The song and video are like a dream Klaus Nomi might've had' and I think that's pretty close)

I don't know when it became A Thing to portray eastern deities with an eldritch/horror movie vibe (I feel like I've seen it more and more often in the last decade or so? Mainly in eastern media) but it makes more sense to me than when deities seem like humans just with powers.

(in case anyone clicked in from work, the links at 'music' and 'videos' are NSFW)
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The song is catchy, but wow, that animation. Thanks for finding this!
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