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Today marks 10 years since the very first Ed Balls Day. Though some say the national celebration has become too commercialised, there are still opportunities to observe the many fine traditions associated with the day.
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General Malaise
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Metafilter : Ed Balls
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Ed Balls
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Ed Balls
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Ugh, already? I'm still hung over from Eben Changing Day.
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Seems like Ed Balls comes earlier every year
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Ed Balls: The Song
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Ed Balls
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If you still have you Ed Balls Day decorations up next month I will judge you hard.
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Ed Balls: The Song

His name is Balls. Ed Balls.
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Almost, but not quite, antipodal to caps lock day. Err?
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GNU Terry Pratchett
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Four series after he was eliminated from Strictly Come Dancing, it is still possible to reduce my youngest child to an almost incandescent rage by telling her that I will be voting for Ed Balls. She asks every week of the series who I'm voting for, and every week I tell her it's Ed Balls, and every week she is furious all over again. Like the tweet, it never gets old.
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What did Ed Balls say when he saw Pikachu?
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