It's All About the Traybakes, er, Regional Folklore
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Alasdair Becket-King and James Shakeshaft are the Loremen! Every week they unearth some aspect of UK folklore and discourse on it in a very rambling fashion, then they rate the story according to absurdly arbitrary criteria.

If you like this sort of thing, ytou might also try Grave History, who bat in a similar league.

Kind of previously
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This reminds me of the format of the Saga Thing podcast, where two guys discuss an Icelandic family saga, then they rate it according to absurdly arbitrary criteria (though Best Bloodshed is kind of an obvious thing to rate in a saga).
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It is both weirder and more arbitrary than Saga Thing. Also, profoundly less scholarly but more laugh out loud funny.
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I really love this podcast. I started listening to it a couple weeks ago every day on my daily walk.
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Our Fake History is another excellent one.
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ABK's youtube is pretty decent too. I like this video which was originally done as an interactive thing with polls on twitter.
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ABK’s YouTube is a joy! No one seems to have noticed, but I tossed him a nod.
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Loremen is brilliant. Started listening after I saw Alasdair Beckett-King's viral Every Single Scandanavian Crime Drama bit.
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While we're geeking out over Alasdair Beckett-King I've got to throw in a good word for his Nelly Cootalot adventure games, which are excellent and very funny.
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Oh wow, this was basically made for me. And they even have Robin Ince as a guest! I'm trying to add more non politics podcasts to my rotation, this will fit on beautifully.
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My favourite ABK video is his theme song.
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