Space metal!
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Worthikids (previously) teams up with Japanese voice actors RASH A1M to kick it into outer space with 80's stop motion animation classic CAPTAIN YAJIMA
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Over on right now there is also a Worthikids discussion, with links to most if not all of the other videos in an easily accessible thread.

I'm really struck by how much this creator can cram into two minutes of animation-- character, world building, plot, dramatic beats. It's remarkable. I've probably watched "Wire" four times already, trying to figure out the small details. (Is that a forcefield over the vampire's castle? Why does the measuring stick open it up?)

Anyway Worthington is a real auteur in the best sense of the word, and I'm glad to see him getting more exposure here.
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Also I need a whole series about the Wire world.
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I stumbled on Worthikids a few months ago and they're all wonderfully surreal, and I'm blown away that most or all of them are apparently made in Blender.
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this is so good, it made me do a fan art, which is, like, never a thing that happens
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Worthikids has been consistently putting out incredible animations. It's making me want to take another stab at learning Blender for animation.

I also highly recommend Wire, which does an amazing amount of storytelling in two minutes with no dialogue.

> (Is that a forcefield over the vampire's castle? Why does the measuring stick open it up?)

A bit of spoilers here (so do watch Wire first): in a world with monsters and clowns, the clowns have capture a vampire guy and throw him out of their clown airship. But the vampire (twist!) uses his monster magic to mid-fall break his restraints and open a portal (not a force field) to the monster castle that he could fall through and escape. But the clowns knew he'd do this (double twist!) and have a hidden wire they yank up to prevent him from falling, and then use the vampire's portal to invade the castle to rescue the clown daughter that the monsters kidnapped. The red/white pole ("measuring stick") is a clown device that didn't open the portal, but keeps the vampire from closing it so the clown commandos can go through.

There's a ton more detail. I've watched it at least a dozen times and it's amazing. And the music is apparently all original as well.

More spoilers: In my head cannon, I'm pretty sure the clown mother is actually a monster wearing clown makeup and has adopted clown culture. Her monster parents have likely kidnapped their granddaughter to raise her as a monster as punishment. SO. MUCH. STORYTELLING. IN. TWO. MINUTES.
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Why is there not an entire series of this?
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Al, she's actually the big sister, and the lead clown guy is the brother of the little girl, per the artists. But I actually like your interpretation
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Captain Yajima looks just like mid-90s Tsunku, the lead singer of the Japanese band Sharan Q (シャ乱Q).

Also, great use of Blender for the video.
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So glad to see new Worthikid art.

It has been 100 years since the previous update.
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> Captain Yajima looks just like mid-90s Tsunku, the lead singer of the Japanese band Sharan Q (シャ乱Q).

Tsunku also worked on the Rhythm Heaven franchise (previously). Sadly I don't think there's a Rhythm Heaven minigame involving kicking people from your bike - yet.
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I can't get Wizard - Hexilate! out of my head. I hope Worthikids does more in this universe.
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Why doesn't this have more favorites?
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