it's called a cam shaft, not a cam't shaft
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From Bartosz Ciechanowski, an extremely readable illustrated tutorial of the basics of an internal combustion engine, with interactive 3D illustrations of various parts and principles.
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via I'm pretty sure scruss on social media somewhere, hi scruss
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There's also a number of links out to other sources illustrating details or advanced bits the writeup doesn't get into; one of them is this short video from Smarter Every Day that also walks through at a basic level the operation of a four-stroke engine.
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The three-slider diagram about cam shape, about 2/3rds down the page, is amusing in that, if left on my screen it absolutely eats up all available video memory on this Intel iGPU and everything stops rendering. I'm gonna have to move to my gaming rig to finish reading this page.
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Don't miss their previous blog posts from the Archives link. There are several quite interesting ones.
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This is fabulous. I forgot that combustion = mini explosions.
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right back atcha, cortex! I via'd it from HackerNews, after someone told me that one of my random plotter writeups made it on there
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Be sure to check out Ciechanowski‘s other tutorials on light and lenses, they’re amazing. Also dig into the site a bit with developer tools - he puts together these little tutorials by hand, it’s a delight.
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Really enjoyed this—I feel like I finally understand. Better late than never—we’re already using all-electric garden tools and car will be next.
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This was so interesting, I understood parts of it already but this really clarified. Maybe in a few years this will be an artefact in the 'understanding old timey internal combustion engines' history class!
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Internal combustion engine is indeed TRULY PROMETHIAN. Too long did read.
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If you think animated mechanical movements are neat, check out 507 Mechanical Movements or the more complex Animated Engines.
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This immediately reminded me of this other great visualization of internal combustion engines, subsystem by subsystem. Made by Jacob O'Neal.
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