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Fundamentally, my work here is about creating a stable foundation of technology that is reliable, understandable, and practical for an individual to build for themselves.
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So, if I go back in time, I should bring all of this on a USB? Oh, wait.
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So, if I go back in time, I should bring all of this on a USB? Oh, wait.

Ackshually, all you need is sand, spit and a magnifying glass (optional).
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This is fantastic! I've just glanced through a few entries so far but I love both the premise and the minima, future-proof execution of the site.
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Was it XKCD that had a densely-filled poster of "helpful Science facts for time-travelers who might get stuck in the Past?" I remember it but I can't find it now.
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You’re probably thinking of Dinosaur Comics’ Time Traveler Cheat Sheet.
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In other news, there's something called Neocities that's a replacement for Geocities. Neat!
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It's fitting that this is on Neocities - I miss this kind of internet, and it makes me really happy to see it. Thanks for sharing it!
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This is the ultimate idea book for anyone who has to produce a ninth grade science fair project that will knock the judges completely out. The accompanying pictures are great examples for proof-of-concept documentation.

Sometimes, the simplest is not only the best, but the most elegant. Nice work!
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This is so cool! And this iron gall ink improvement is wow!
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And now I've learned the word "thixotropic" - "solid at rest, but liquid under pressure".

Also, they made A SOLAR CELL. AT HOME.

And glass cleaner from ammonia, vodka, and distilled water.

I'm curious - fiber is one of their 5 key materials ... have they ever looked into making cloth/clothing?
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