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Ultra-runner Sabrina Verjee is struggling through blizzards even as you read this, on her latest attempt for a record-setting run of the Wainwright Fells Round, after becoming the first woman to do the run continuously last year. Her almost unbelievable effort to climb 214 peaks, without stopping, in less than six days, in the British "spring" weather, can be followed live here.

The Wainwrights -- named for Alfred Wainwright who wrote pioneering guidebooks of the British Lake District -- comprise every named peak in those guidebooks. The full round has been done before, but is no easy feat.
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Update -- just after posting, and given the worsening weather, it was reported that Verjee may have stopped, though she still has time to start again.
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According to her itinerary, she's still 3.5 hours ahead of schedule, so she's definitely earned that break. Curious about the support runners - do they switch out? or is it other people running the whole thing with her?
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Up (and down and up and down) with this sort of thing.
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from the live tracking site:
Sadly Sabrina has made (for her) the difficult decision to call an end to this run. We at Open Tracking wish Sabrina well - and have a funny feeling we will be back tracking Sabs on these fells another day.
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