The Heroine, The Hot Young Doctor, The Architect & His Double
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They interrupt the unnamed spin teacher—the only woman of color in the entire movie—with their shocking, cross-timeline revelations. For the teacher, spin class is the only thing that happens in her world, and for her this world will go on forever.

I'd pay to see a movie stitched together from a series of New Yorker cartoons. Maybe she could break out of hers.
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a baking playwright

A blaywright
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That was surprisingly plausible!
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a baking playwright

A blaywright

A bakewrite
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As an architect, this hits close to home.
But, my lamp is Wayfair.
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My god, I so badly want to see a version of this realized in a filmic medium of pretty much any kind.
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I recently watched It's Complicated (2009) and so, it would seem, has the author of this pleasant spoof.
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More Nina Sharma; Op-Ed: My Friends Are On Season 1 of Racism, Can't Wait For Them To Catch Up To Us On Season 446 (Flexx Mag, August 2020)

Oh my god. This is so depressing and so funny.
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