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One Note Song (Rob Moitoza, 2000). One Note Piano (Boyan Hristov, 2013). These Notes Number One (Sledg3, 2017). And, of course, One Note Song (Tenacious D, 2001). Inversely, One Chord Songs (Nate Bucklin, 1991 - starts at 19:01 on the pre-selected Hour 2 track).
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As always, in the one chord department is...

Robert Petway -- Catfish Blues
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There's One Note Samba too, (though I don't know if its title is entirely accurate).
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Way back in the 1980s, at a summer camp talent show, one of the counselors sang a song called One Note Song. It included these lyrics:
Only note my daddy knew.
He taught me, now I'll teach you.
One note song!

Every once in a while, it will pop into my head and I'll try to track it down. I was hoping one of the linked songs would be it, but alas, it doesn't seem to be. Until I find it, the Rob Moitoza song is an excellent substitute. Thanks, BiggerJ!
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Would U2's Numb also count?
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Jazz pianist and author Kenny Werner did a one chord concert last year, sadly I couldn't attend:
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And don't forget poor Johnny One Note, sung by everyone from Judy Garland to The Odd Couple.
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Neil Young's Cinnamon Girl ends with a one-note guitar solo (and a really good one, IMHO).
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Wakko did this with twice as many notes.
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The best one note guitar solo is in Talk Talk's After the Flood at 4:00.
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It's funny, I remember exactly where I was when I first heard the One Note Song.

(Ok, ok, I'll tell the story. I was sitting right here at my desk, looking at Metafilter. It was May in 2021, still during the pandemic. In a way, not much has changed since then.)
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Ligeti’s Musica Ricercata starts with one note, then each successive movement adds an additional note—

Incredible piece.
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Making the Ligeti link clickable.
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You can find another great one-note solo in the middle of Down The Road Apiece by the very early Rolling Stones.
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Stoney Larue One Chord and Keith Urban One Chord.
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The greatest two-note solo: The Buzzcocks' Boredom. (Although, to be fair, there's a third note at the very end)
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And of course, there is the tragic story of Tata Boutlamine, the pianist who lost all but one finger in a coffee grinder accident. (Warning : Quebec French, but very funny if you can understand).
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I would be remiss if I did not add the Hi-Riser's epic song "One Note Joe" to this thread... you can thank me later
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The Black Angels "The Return" ...if you don't count the little 'woooOoOoooo".
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Gang of Four Armalite Rifle is a 2 chord song with 2 brief one-note solos for each chord.
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Terry Riley's In C surely fits in here?
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Oh! Ca plane pour moi!
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Oh! Ça plane pour moi!
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