"I once again completely underestimated my adversary."
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Mark Rober has made another backyard squirrel obstacle course for 2021. Previous obstacle course here. With new squirrel houses, Fort Knutz, walnuts, stuffed squirrels, and spy/heist movie inspiration!
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If this is a personality quiz (this is a personality quiz, yes?), I got Marty the hacker, the nervy, slightly directionally challenged teammate. 💚
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I watched the first one when it came out, and now I'm hesitant. Before I watch the second one, is this one also laden with unexamined are-the-straights-ok gender baggage? about squirrels?
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He does identify one squirrel as previously preganant, and then continues to use male pronouns.
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There is a joke featuring a poster of a squirrel in a bikini??

Are the straights okay?
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It amazes me how quickly they figure it out and keep trying in the face of adversity. If I was one of those squirrels I would have given up and refused to contribute content right around the helicopter puzzle. I also appreciate his commitment to squirrel safety/wellness with the many exit options.

I hope this inspires people to take up engineering and try building weird stuff to baffle their local wildlife (safely)!
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The internet is friggin loving this video right now.

I learned a lot about how squirrels fall.
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Yeah, at this point we know Phat Gus is a (very misnamed) girl, might as well go with it. Still my favorite though.

I want to reincarnate for the rest of my lifetimes as a squirrel, because being a squirrel looks AWESOME. All that flying, all that safe landing!

The guy is offering an engineering class online (mentioned at beginning/end of video). I sadly don't have the brains or the technology to do it, but was almost tempted.
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I’m mesmerized by their ability to navigate the “laser” room.
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This is the most fun I've had all week. And y'know, squirrels are pretty smart critters as far as I can tell, and I reckon they had "fun" as well.
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My ex signed our son up for the course!! I think that I’m more excited than the boy child! I’m making a list of wildly fanciful inventions that I would like for him to bring into existence.
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Around here, the folks with bird feeders aren't concerned with squirrels right now, since the bears woke up hungry.
I think our bears could handle his course pretty quickly.
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That was brilliant - but I'm not sure I really like squirrels.
(Not that they would care - bastards).
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Philosophers have long argued and made claims about what it is that actually separates humans from animals.

This. This is what separates humans from animals. The willingness to make a convoluted squirrel maze for Youtube clicks, and claim it's to keep squirrels away when actually they are obviously rooting for the squirrels the entire time. I'm sure we even have a gene for it. I've never heard of a chimp doing any of this.
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Squirrels are nice 😌
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I grew up feeding back-yard squirrels out of hand while they sit on my leg and always having walnuts in my pocket. They're smart bushy-tailed rats. There's no way I could gender-pronoun-appropriate name any one of them. They're just names.

Why would you think this is worse than putting cat treats into a plaything that the cat has fun with to eventually get a treat. They're all grown ass adults and could totally be somewhere else doing some other thing than trying to get through the Ninja Warrior course.

Next video he should try to get them to come and eat out of his hand. It's not that hard to get a squirrel to bark at you to come out and give it a nut an it will happily climb up your leg and sit on your knee while you hand it walnuts. Everybody should have done this at some point. Leave the squirrels alone.
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This makes my efforts to squirrel proof my bird feeder so laughable. I put the foil on the post, which works well for keeping them from accessing the feeder from underneath, but since there isn’t a space near my house that doesn’t have trees further than 10 feet apart they just launch from the trees to the top of the feeder, or land on top of the foil and hang out there while eating the bird seed. I put Vaseline all over the top of the foil and feeder and that worked well for a few hours but the squirrels prevailed and figured out how to stay put on the greasy surface. Then I realized how much fun it is to watch the squirrels jump on it, often fall and go back up again and chase each other around. There are four breeds with unique temperaments and abilities.

Anyway, this was so fun to watch!
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This was awesome! I hadn't realized squirrels were so smart. The way they learnt from each other was fascinating.
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Zengargoyle and gucci mane are right, squirrels are nice! I spent the pandemic year befriending 3 young squirrels last year (Stripe, Alva and Bucky). Bucky had squirrel pups about 11 weeks ago, and within 10 days of showing up on my ledge, I'd taught pups Sam and Frodo to take walnuts, pecans and almonds from me directly.

Here's video from yesterday.

I usually don't feed them by hand but instead dump out dried corn, seeds and nut pieces on the picture-window's ledge next to my "home office."

Sometimes, I'm startled out of a writing reverie by insistent thumps on the window letting me know they're out of food...

As someone without pets, these little tree puppies have been a balm for my soul over the last 15 months.
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This makes my efforts to squirrel proof my bird feeder so laughable.

I own a copy of Outwitting Squirrels: 101 Cunning Stratagems to Reduce Dramatically the Egregious Misappropriation of Seed from Your Birdfeeder by Squirrels. I'm not saying he's not trying to come up with suggestions, mind you, but a lot of it ends up being pure comedy because YOU JUST CAN'T THWART SQUIRRELS.
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I have watched this twice and it's delightful
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My cat was enthralled by this video, so I found it hard to watch.
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