a tiny dinosaur that goes SCREEE-oop-oop-oop
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Learn 12 different chicken calls, including the before and after Egg Songs, in this episode of Urban Farm podcast featuring chicken whisperer Melissa Caughey. Buh-dup means hello (sample page from Caughey's book How to Speak Chicken.) “Bwah, Bwah, Bwah, Bwah” is what a hen says when she is laying an egg (HGTV).

Bonus video from the other side of the Atlantic. Laying hens are very vocal when they've laid an egg.
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Skip the first 9 minutes, this made me miss my hens.
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Entertaining moment around the beginning of the video in the last link of the post (about 26 seconds in) where the narrator says that a chicken making noise off-screen can't get into the coop to lay her egg, and in the background you're basically hearing her urgently yelling "I'm touching FEATHER here! This is SERIOUS! It's comin' OUT!!"
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I learned that a chicken make the "Bwah, Bwah, Bwah, Bwah" sound from The Clangers at an early age (skip to 8:25 if you are impatient). I guess the reseachers on The Clangers were very thorough in the 1970s.
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I barely finished reading the title before thinking, "that sounds like our chickens". There egg laying sound is most definitely different than any other sounds they make. I call it their Jubilee call.

I just let ours out of their coop for the day. Every day, one of them follows me back to the house wanting to come inside. When I don't let her, she then goes to the window on the other side of our bedroom and sits on the window sill staring at us assuming we will let her in that way.
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I forgot to mention she does it all day long. Meet Cinnamon.
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I've been enjoying this guys videos lately. He feeds his chickens with composting (restaurant scraps and paper bags of leaves that he gathers) and sprouted grain. He even heats his chicken's shelters in the winter with compost. I love the way his chooks follow him around, knowing he will expose food as he turns over the compost.
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a non mouse, ours always did that, too. They had grown up in the house and just assumed that's where they belonged. When we were too slow closing the patio door, they'd saunter in for a bug inspection before sauntering on out. I would remind them of the "No Chickens In The House" rule but they never seemed to care.
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