Internment Camp Survivor, Preserver Of Salish, and Nazi Resistor
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Names chosen for three new Spokane middle schools [Spokesman-Review, local coverage] shows how well-deliberated choices can lead to inclusive and affirming results in the public square.
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Spokane really is a land of contrasts, isn't it?
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You said it...

As a Seattle Washingtonian, over this pandemic year, I have looked with disdain over my Eastern Brothers and Sisters, (East of the Cascade numbers have not been great). But, hope springs eternal. Well done Spokane.
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This is wonderful. Give kids real role models to admire and emulate! Thank you for posting it.

I have, as far as I know, just one friend in Spokane. She's an immigrant from Kenya, a nurse, and the mother of a lovely girl who is just entering middle school. I've sent the mom this article in case she missed it.
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Great find. Metafilter at its best.
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Spokane also has a baseball team called the Spokane Indians. Except it's in partnership with the actual Sp'q'n'iʔ themselves. Who do get some cut of sales of the Salish-language home jersey. It's something.
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I've got family in the Spokane metro area, including in Hayden Lake and some of them are the John Birch Society, homeschooled, waving-a-thin-blue-line-flag-downtown type. So even a symbolic gesture like this seems surprising, but I guess if all the wingnuts are in private religious schools or homeschooling they might care about this a little less.
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To be fair, Hayden Lake is about a 45 minute drive from Spokane, across a lot of farm land and also a state line into the panhandle of Idaho.

I found this article encouraging, and their selections were all of Spokane residents who impacted their community. Also, two persons of color, two women, two educators... I think it is a great group of selections.
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(When are they gonna rename the high school in Sunnyside to Bonnie J. Dunbar HS?)
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