Salad Mug - Dynamo Dream
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Salad Mug - Dynamo Dream An amazing short science fiction film from Ian Hubert, representing 3 years of work and a remarkable mastery of Blender.

The cool folks at Corridor Crew shared this and I was blown away.
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This popped up after I watched it:

World Building in Blender
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A tour of the studio, formerly a 'church compound'. Which has a secret hot-tub. Hidden in the wilderness.

Did he buy a former cult property cheap?
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Amazing. I want more!
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I'm having serious difficulty in comprehending the quality of this work. The complexity is astonishing, and the design ethic is amazing. Beautifully done, and I understand why it took three years.
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Watch this on the biggest screen you can manage. The amount of detail is absolutely nuts. My brother is a 3D artist and got me into Ian Hubert's work a while ago. It's been really cool seeing the little snippets he's been posting of this for the last few years.

It's also really refreshing to see this kind of SF short with an actual story, great acting and solid characterisation. There's a lot of SF content out there by motion graphics people that's kind of plotless sizzle reel stuff - cool to look at, but lacking any narrative. There's also a fair amount of low-budget SF out there on Youtube that has the story, but not the visuals. So to get both is a nice change.

I just hope episode 2 doesn't take another three years.
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I guess the future means loads of hovering things, both large and small, without any visible means of hovering, other than just floating. Physics?

Insane complexity in the visual realm, but also a story and decent acting, with real people. And some interesting open issues, like who was the guy with the cloudy eye? Quite interesting, except for the cliche hovering things.
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Hubert mentions somewhere that he had an hour filmed, but then he decided to make a half hour intro that was heavily cgi.
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"The market was built over the Stevenson River, named after the regional mayor, John River." heh

There's another series of videos by the same person(s): DYNAMO. Interesting to see what I assume is earlier work, less refined in places, but with similar style, humor, and sometimes the same art assets.
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the future means loads of hovering things, both large and small, without any visible means of hovering, other than just floating. Physics?

No, just dreams. Star Wars makes anti-gravity seem likely, and perhaps a non-magnetic method will be discovered someday, but it seems unlikely, to me.

Great link, though -- thanks!
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