First Time Pride Events 2021
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A very light sampling of communities holding Pride events for the first time this year: Yorktown, NY; Greenwood, IN; Marysville, OH; Lowell, MI; Ellsworth, ME; Shetland, Scotland.
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Warms my heart. I remember going to the first pride celebration in a particular city back in the early 90's, and it was so very "if we move the cow out of the barn we can put on a show" levels of unpolished awesomeness.
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Greenwood, IN??? That’s kind of amazing and very good news. For some perspective, when I was just a kid, it wasn’t uncommon to occasionally see Klan members (in full regalia) on street corners handing out flyers in Greenwood. It’s still the republican center of the south side of Indy.
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There were about 3,000 people at Greenwood Pride yesterday. Which is a great turnout for this city. The republican core is starting to age out down here AND we've got this great vocal younger core. I love to see it.
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I appreciate you highlighting smaller towns' Pride celebrations. Also nice to see Pride celebrations.

Unfortunately here in The City (San Francisco) Pride is such an enormous thing they had to make decisions months ago. So no parade this year, again, because of Covid concerns. I mean 1M+ people normally come for the event, I understand not having it, but I'm sad to miss it. It's too bad because if you decided today it'd probably be reasonable to have the parade in a few weeks.

We do have a bunch of events happening all month though. And this year the giant hillside pink triangle lights up brightly with LEDs, quite heartening really.
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The town’s full name is Yorktown Heights.
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Technically the town's name is Yorktown, and the village / town seat (which is where the pride event will be) is called Yorktown Heights.
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