It is but a quest.
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Because many of us like a time sink: Hermeticism: the nexus between science, philosophy and spirit has been a font of Art over the ages.
As Above, So Below. (Hermeticism Previously)
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Good to see this on here. Augustus Knapp who did art pages for The Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly Hall is one of the greatest mystic illustrators of all time.
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I love this site! This is tattooed across my upper back.
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I spent a looot of time wandering around alchemywebsite while putting together flavor text for an interactive fiction game I wrote for a MeFi comp years and years ago...
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Augustus Knapp courtesy John Coulthart.
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One of the Tarot decks I covet is the Alchemical Tarot by Robert Michael Place. It's just gorgeous and looks very very in depth in terms of the subject matter. Alchemy is one of those subjects where I'm absolutely fascinated by the history around it.
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I'm confused why you would link to the Unification Church fork of Wikipedia, rather than Wikipedia itself.
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For those looking for the source texts the esoteric archive is still up, in all it's early web glory (previously).
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Seconding Manly P Hall - he has many lectures available on Youtube that are really quite amazing.
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