Today Is Loving Day
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Each year on this date, "Loving Day" celebrates the historic ruling in Loving v. Virginia, which declared unconstitutional a Virginia law prohibiting mixed-race marriage — and legalized interracial marriage in every state. (Previously.)
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Happy Loving Day!
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1965, only 56 years ago. Wow.
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Mildred Loving was actually a year younger than my (very much alive) parents. With better luck, she and Richard could very well still be alive today.
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Happy Loving Day!
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Loving it!
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It's great to see all the mixed-race couples thanking the Lovings today on Twitter, Facebook, etc.
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Somehow in five years I hadn't realized that Loving Day and the Pulse shooting/rememberance are the same day. I am glad to see the joy to balance out some of the pain.
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I was just looking at clips of the Vice President and Second Gentleman at a DC Pride Parade, and thinking how *their* marriage wouldn't have been valid not that many decades ago. Doug Emhoff did a video about the Loving case papers (and other documents) at the National Archives.
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I will never get over the fact that their name was "Loving." It's so perfect that if it was in a fictional work it would be laughable. Just amazing.
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Is there a sense of impending doom about this as there is about Roe?
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I doubt it? Even the revanchist Republicans don't fight that corner anymore. If (or when, at this rate) the country goes full fash I'm sure it might get rolled back, but we'll have way deadlier problems at that point.
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1965, only 56 years ago. Wow.

The Republican pushback about so-called "Critical Race Theory" is aimed at whitewashing, so to speak, the country's history of, and still existing, systemic racism.

The fact that until 1965 (to say nothing of the decades before) people were forbidden by certain states to marry on account of the color of their skin is the very definition of systemic racism.
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It's just such a perspective placer. 56 is younger than my father. The United States is a giant baby.
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