"The Food You Eat Is a Bloody Stew"
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Untitled Theater Company #61 released a 3-part, roughly 2.5 hour adaption of Jack London's The Iron Heel. The production is enlived by songs from the IWW's Little Red Songbook.

The audioplay is based on a stage production from 2016.

Each episode also has a special guest for commentary at the end:
Episode 1 Eric Loomis (labor historian)
Episode 2 Deborah Shaffer (documentary filmmaker)
Episode 3 Jay Williams (biographer)

Apparently, longer versions of these interviews will be released later.
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In the interest of full disclosure, I know Erik Loomis (whose name I misspelled in the post, oops), but I did not hear about this production from him.
posted by GenjiandProust at 3:30 PM on June 13

This looks great. Thanks!
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Like half the book is Ernest making speeches. how do they get around that?
posted by Ray Walston, Luck Dragon at 11:28 AM on June 14 [1 favorite]

It’s pretty abbreviated, I think. There is some speechifying, but it’s mostly alluded to.
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