Practice until you get it wrong every time
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The Mistake Waltz - a short ballet choreographed with intentional and comical errors that can't help but make you smile. (via Kottke)
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Clueless, I wasn’t sure what to think when SF Ballet had a slip onstage. Did that just happen? Then it happened again. Wait a minute…
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Kudos upon kudos to the performers. Making mistakes on accident is easy, but doing it on purpose, the exact same way, when you have years of instincts to follow the group? That is a skill beyond. Lovely. Thanks for sharing Stark!
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Thanks for this Stark! Great stuff. Also liked how one of the dancers is wearing glasses, lol.
One question for those who know ballet more than I do. Is the squeaking of the shoes normal?
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For more comedic ballet, I recommend the Royal Ballet's Tart Adage from Alice in Wonderland. The Red Queen's overreaction to landing a handoff from one male dancer to another is explained in this making of video. Jump to 1:27 for an quick explanation of how it's playing up the classical Sleeping Beauty coreography.

It amazes me how hard it has to be to not only be able to dance at that level, but to throw in comedy and intentional slips broad enough for the audience to catch that they are indeed intentional.
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In her 1987 gala routine, Debi Thomas gave a masterclass in how to use her incredible gifts as a skater to play a comedic version of a much younger skater. The way she does things so precisely poorly is incredible -- a lesser skater could never be so perfectly hopeless.
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I wasn't going to click because I didn't think I knew enough about dance to see when things went wrong. I am very glad I clicked!
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PDQ Bachalanchine!
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Shoe squeeking and landing thumps are normal but unexpected because you haven’t heard those on TV as much.
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I have always wanted to experience a 'silent disco' type ballet performance or rehearsal.
Say, the pas de quatre from Swan Lake where the dancers are wearing headphones; I take mine off, and all I can hear is the thump-swish-thump-creak-exhale of the shoes and the stage and the dancers.
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Reminds me of scenes in films in which talented actors must play the role of an untalented actor. Very clever stuff!
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Loved this clip! Thank you for sharing. Very comedic.
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It kept getting funnier and funnier. The last port de bras cracked me up!
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snerson, I thought the same. How hard is it to be deliberately off from everyone else as a professional? Dang.
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I adore this piece, I think there was a point where I was watching it at least once a day. I was also lucky enough to see the entire ballet a few years ago (performed by the National Ballet of Canada). The rest of the show has the same kooky, eccentric energy, I highly recommend.
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