"A very calm game...with mystery and conflict"
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Gorgeous and inspired by, among others, Le Guin, Book of Travels TMORPG (TINY Multiplayer... for small numbers of player per server) reaches early access on August 9 on Steam.
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We are part of the kickstarter that supported this and it looks amazing.
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The contrast between 2D, indie games and what I play in VR with AAA level titles (e.g., Half Life Alex) is striking. When I got a VR headset this past year, at first I thought I'd never want to go back to the old way.

Book of Travels seems to be part of what I've seen as a growing trend towards simplification in game design. So many charming, indie games out there! I think I'll still find myself putting down the VR headset to play them.
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That's a game I wouldn't mind playing and I like it very much.
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There's a gameplay demo and commentary video; the build's from last December, so a number of unfinished assets, placeholder art, etc.

Character generation seems primarily intended more as evocative for roleplaying a character, with game-mechanical effects a secondary concern; he gets into the game world at roundabouts minute 9.
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Thanks for the gameplay video Drastic - I love the look of the character creation, the way it uses archetypes and general character traits is refreshingly creative and evocative. I'll definitely be checking this out.
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The tiny feet on the character models makes me wonder if the credits include: “Rob Liefeld: Foot Art Consultant”.
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Much as I hate the contemporary tendency in games pitches to talk sneeringly about "hand-holding", this sounds pretty interesting.
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