"I Have Always Dwelt in the Shadow of My God"
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The Silt Verses is an audio drama about Carpenter and Faulkner, two members of a destroyed cult returning to the religion's former epicenter to look for remnants of their faith. They must deal with horrors (both familiar and welcome but also hostile and decidedly not) as well as the suspicions of townspeople and police investigators. Also, the pair are not too fond of each other.

As the series goes on, we get more points of view, and a clearer (and more disturbing) view of the world, which grows increasingly textured as the series goes on.

There are currently 11 episodes, with transcripts. Each episode contains its own content warnings, but Body Horror (human and animal) and Bizarre Violence are pretty universal. Also, crustaceans, if they bother you. If I had to do an elevator pitch for this, I would say "rural Cultist Simulator but somehow grubbier."
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These are the same folks that made I Am In Eskew, which is both similar and different to The Silt Verses. Go try that podcast as well if you like this one.
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That's not entirely what I expected from the description. The production is decent.
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I was wracking my brain trying to recall where I had heard Lucille Valentine, who plays Page. It turns out she’s July in The Six Disappearances of Ella McCray.
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Thank you for sharing this, GenjiandProust. The topic is one I like. And I have an hour+ drive today.
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I'm completely blanking the title right now. Recently saw a low budget movie that seemed to based on the above. Two bickering brothers going back to their roots with a cult they grew up in. Lots of mystery of what had really happened, why they left,
and weirdness involving aliens.
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Sounds like Benson & Moorhead's The Endless, Oh_Bobloblaw.
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Also kind of reminds me of Margaret Atwood's MaddAddam trilogy. I'm excited to listen!
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Bob, are you thinking of The Endless?
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The Endless was fantastic! I’ve put this on my list, even if I lost interest in I Am In Eskew. I’ll recommend Gods of Appalachia as well.
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Silt Verses is a much more coherent story than I Am in Eskew. It handles the braided narrative more adeptly, and there is a lot less random filler. It looks like we will also get actual character development.
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