Dr Moebius I presume
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Sable is a chill (at least in the demo) coming-of-age game with graphics that are clearly inspired by the famous French sci-fi artist, and a lovely low-key soundtrack by Japanese Breakfast. Demo available both for PC and XBox gives about an hour of gameplay (although I've played it much longer just to linger in the world).
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I've been jonesing for this game for so long. Thus far, I've had to be content with the constant drip of short clips from the developer's twitter feed. I worry my expectations are so high at this point, anything less than a transcendent experience will be a disappointment. Ah fandom!
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Ah and I see that the Ghibliesque game from that "so long" post is still in development as well. Making video games is hard.
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That's another one I'm waiting for too. Presumably you know he made a short game already - Rainy Season? Haven't played it myself.
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That looks absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for the rec, domdib!
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I've been looking forward to this game for a while, based mostly on the way it looks. I tried the demo and... didn't really enjoy the way the controls feel. I'm hoping those issues will be improved come release day.
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Definitely looks like a game that would contain an Airtight Garage.
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It would be more fair to say Miyazaki was strongly influenced by Moebius than the reverse, though both have/had a strong admiration for each other.
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Looks like a mash-up of Breath of the Wild and Nausicaa. Lovely.
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Oh shit. I love this style. oh wow oh wow.
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I've been trying to avoid following Sable's development too closely, because it looks like one that wants to be explored. I did play the demo however, and found it lovely. I'm looking forward to its release.
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The style in this demo looks a bit more Brandon Graham (Multiple Warheads, King City, Rain Like Hammers) than 'that famous French artist'. I have enjoyed every page of his work I've seen, he packs in so many details and puns. Also strange giant statues and things in a wasteland setting are all over Multiple Warheads, which is a delight...
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Doesn't look much like any Monet work I have seen.
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Just wanted to say that I love the post title.
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Downloading the demo now! Must recommend GRIS for a very relaxing, artistic vibe with mild platforming and puzzling. Just gorgeous style and design. And apparently on sale with a deep discount!
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Graham is pretty open about Moebius being one of his influences though, so... IIRC the folks behind Sable have explicitly namechecked Moebius too. As if the way she glides by making an iridescent sphere appear around her isn’t a total giveaway.
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The shader style and gliding across desert landscapes reminds me of the Jet Set Radio-inspired 2012 student game 'zineth' by the Arcane Kids [download].
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