"The world is full of love, and you’re entitled to some of it"
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91-Year-Old Colorado Man Finally Celebrates PRIDE As An Openly Gay Man [CBS Denver]
“I posted it on Facebook for my friends, so I thought, but I posted it to the public! I was getting messages from people all over about my coming out,” said Felts. “It was almost all positive, very positive, over and over. ‘Congratulations’ and ‘welcome’ and things like that.”
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cool I love crying in the morning! Happy pride Ken!
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Sweet story! Ken Felts has done a lot of press, there's at least three or four articles about him. The big news here is mention that Ken has a boyfriend now, that's him in the last photo in the article with the Spiderman shirt.

This feels a bit stalkery to say but Felts has a public Facebook profile with lots of daily posts to it. (The CBS article talks about his "social media posts".) Mundane stuff but it's all quite wholesome and relatable.
So I woke up this morning to find that Johnny had gotten up early and drove all the way to the Krispy Kreme Donut shop to get me some special donuts in celebration of the first day of Summer. Ain't he sweet? got to love that in a man.
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Good for him. Judging by some of comments I keep seeing on Pride posts on social media, the 1940s attitudes are alive and continue to fuel Pride and its offshoots.
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A friend off mine's Dad came out when he was about 80. He's re-married now (his wife passed away after a long struggle with Alzheimer's) and very happy.
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This is so sweet. I'm so happy for these two guys, and I love the underlying "it's never too late to be yourself" messaging.
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