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Musical force of nature Tom Cardy has a helpful suggestion for finding that thing you can't find. [Note: a bit sweary.]
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TIL there is a phrase "emu bob" and it means "to bend over to collect litter or small pieces of wood" At least I hope that's what it means.
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In the southeastern US at least, it's usually "If it was up yer ass you'd know where it was." Which I always found humorous but unhelpful.
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Welp, I wasn't expecting that.
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Fuckin' worth it, baby!
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That was amazing.

For finding things, I am a fan of the Jan Hankl Flank-Pat System. His Scissor System is brilliant, too.
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the hero we deserve
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business man
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Our family goes with “up your butt and around the corner” but it’s not set to a catchy tune so.
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That was so refreshing.
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At the risk of this degenerating into a bunch of links to all of his videos:

The Big Breakfast

has legitimately been stuck in my head for a bit over three weeks and has directly influenced (in a bad way) several of my meals over the same period...
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The actual best advice for finding something is "Look again more carefully where it's supposed to be."
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UPDATE! His latest song (Just Imagine) has the following description:
Imagine I’m putting a full song and video out next Friday and then an E.P to Spotify and streaming platforms the following Friday. Ooh that’s nice isn’t it
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