The Unscreamables: Short Films Rising from the Frothing Chaos
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In under thirty minutes, Scream It Off Screen (previously with website and YouTube channel links website features an image of the event's host in a milk bath - should have mentioned that last time, honestly) will stream their next short film contest of chaos, with the audience voting on whether each of fifteen completely randomly selected short films plays to completion, and which of those that fully played wins the Big Nasty Prize of $101.01. But this time, click 'more inside' for a full list of past winners (and second, third and notable next places where listed on the website and Facebook page), with links to watch them wherever possible - all no more than fifteen minutes long. (Warning: films may include blood, violence, non-sexual nudity and who knows what else.)

January 2019 1st Place: I'm Walkin' Here (2016)
April 2019 1st Place: Toast of the Town (2019)
May 2019 1st Place: Witches of Wonder (2018)
July 2019 1st Place: Unspoken (2016)
August 2019 1st Place: Clean Cut (2015)
September 2019 1st Place: It's Not Easy/It Ain't Easy (20??)
November 2019 1st Place: Television Hackers (2019)
December 2019 1st Place: Frost Bite (2019)
January 2020 1st Place: Pubic Hair on my Vagina (~2020)
February 2020 1st Place: Homie (2018)
March 2020 1st Place: Turnout (trailer) (2020)
April 2020 1st Place: There Will be Bidet (2020)
April 2020 2nd Place: History of Cinema (2020)
April 2020 3nd Place: For the Win (2020)
April 2020 4th Place: Squishy (2020)
May 2020 1st Place: BRYAN PUTS IN HIS TWO WEEKS NOTICE (2019)
May 2020 2nd Place: Shrekalypse Now (2016) (Previously in the trilogy: Jurassic Swamp (2014) and Shrekronomicon (2015))
May 2020 3nd Place: MPLS NPLS PSA (2020)
May 2020 4th Place: ANSWERED PRAYERS (2020)
June 2020 1st Place: Spare Change (2019)
June 2020 2nd Place: Behind You (2020)
June 2020 3nd Place: Midnight Rose (2019)
July 2020 1st Place: Lucky Strike (trailer, score recording session) (2020)
July 2020 2nd Place: Pigeon Pirate Detectives (????)
July 2020 3nd Place: It's Tough to Be a Chair (????)
August 2020 1st Place: At the Drive Thru Window (2019) (also from the director: January 2021 5th Place winner Awesome Burger (2019))
August 2020 2nd Place: One Love (201?)
August 2020 3nd Place: Planet Bean - Official Music Video (2020)
September 2020 1st Place: Dental Illness (2020)
September 2020 2nd Place: Peanut Butter Man (2020)
September 2020 3nd Place: SOMM (2020)
October 2020 1st Place: Canners (2020)
October 2020 2nd Place: Fisheye (2015)
October 2020 3nd Place: Too Many Billboards in the Twin Cities (2020)
October 2020 4th Place: {SLING} (2019)
November 2020 1st Place: Safety Dance/Safety Death (2020)
November 2020 2nd Place: Can You Hear Me? (2020)
November 2020 3nd Place: Jimmy's Secret (????)
November 2020 4th Place (tie): Ink Ode (2019)
November 2020 4th Place (tie): Golf Club aka The Ol' Golf Club Routine (~2020)
December 2020 1st Place: Candice Black Hole Episode 1 (2020)
December 2020 2nd Place: The Real Normies of Minnetonka (2020)
December 2020 3nd Place (tie): Livestock Episode 3: Big Effects (2020) (episodes 1 and 2, also from 2020)
December 2020 3nd Place (tie): Cat Scratch (~2020)
December 2020 3nd Place (tie): 2064 (2020) (minisode: 2064: Chatter in the Skull (2020))
December 2020 6th Place: Where Are You Now? (2019)
January 2021 1st Place (tie): KO Kid - Official Music Video (2020)
January 2021 1st Place (tie): Rough Cut (2020)
January 2021 3nd Place: A Day on Dick Lake (2020)
January 2021 4th Place: bencil, the pencil Episode 1 (2020) (the rest of Season One (2020/2021))
February 2021 1st Place: Heart Bit (2018)
February 2021 2nd Place: How I Make Friends at Work (2021)
February 2021 3nd Place: Quarantina (2020 or 2021) (note: video preview image may be YouTube's missing video icon despite the video still working)
February 2021 4th Place: Copycut Scanfill (2020 or 2021)
March 2021 1st Place: Craigslisters - Story Time - Horny Fart (2020) (more episodes (2017 onward))
March 2021 2nd Place: Hubbards (2021)
March 2021 3nd Place: Doctor Peepenstein (2015) (kid friendly version)
March 2021 4th Place: The Host Cell (2021)
April 2021 1st Place: Scavengers! (2020)
April 2020 2nd Place: There Were Four of Us (2019)
April 2020 3nd Place: Thundercock (2021)
April 2020 4th Place: The Natural Museum of History (2021) (creator's channel)
May 2020 1st Place: JELLYBRAINS (2021)
May 2020 2nd Place: Counterpart (2021)
May 2020 3nd Place: Sundown Town (2021)
May 2020 4th Place: Great Gig in the Sky (2020)
June 2020 1st Place: Bigfoot's Spring Break (2012)
June 2020 2nd Place: Frank and Mungo's Worm Son (2020)
June 2020 3nd Place (tie): Thank You for the Funnies (2021)
June 2020 3nd Place (tie): In the Water's Wake (2021)
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I'm watching it live! Does Fanfare have support for live streams like this? Could be fun to get it in there where people are more inclined to comment on the shorts.
posted by forbiddencabinet at 9:12 PM on July 9 [1 favorite]

The top three this month:

1st Place: D00dbuffet Episode 3: Tyler's Jackass Audition (2021) (see also Episode 1: Waiting for My Dad and Episode 2: Brekfest (both from 2020))
2nd place: Le Goushque in 4D (Warning: flashing images, violence, nudity, drugs, violent nude drugs) (2021)
3rd place: Beyond the Gloves (2021)
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haha this was a pretty fun buffet of weird little films to try at random :)
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I recommend "How I Make Friends At Work" in particular
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Oh my sweet fancy menacingly, yes, "How I Make Friends At Work" is a delight.
posted by ivan ivanych samovar at 9:33 AM on July 10 [1 favorite]

haha yes here's a YouTube link to that one.
posted by daisystomper at 8:26 AM on July 11

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