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After 2 years and 9 months, Eric Kleptone's tetraptych is finally available in full. Clocking in at 8 hours, 18 minutes the combined OV ER LO AD is a mashup magnum opus that will be difficult to beat.

From the release mail (join the mailing list!)

We previously stated that the work would be a tetraptych (or quadriptych if you prefer). This turned out to be true.

We previously stated all parts would be of equal size. This has now turned out to be not quite true. So it goes. We hope you are not offended. (If you are offended, please feel free to remove your least-favourite 18-minutes-worth at your own convenience.)

So, is this the last work of the pre-covid era, or the first work of the post-covid era?

You be the judge of that. But for now, it is done and we move on to something different.

Download links:

Previously contains previousliers.
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The Soundcloud is a trove of good stuff. The acid house Lockdown Radio edition does for me. Sorted!
posted by Cardinal Fang at 5:08 AM on July 16

I still love A Night at the Hip-Hopera, which I almost certainly discovered on Mefi circa 2004, so v much in the market for this, thanks!
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File sizes MP3.zip

OV 324 MB
ER 299 MB
LO 297 MB
AD 348 MB

in case you might have expected ~5 to 10 MB of most music in that format.
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Downloaded the FLACs, looking forward to some listening.

On the epic mashup thing, does anybody have a copy of MR FAB/RIAA's immense (four-disc, 10-part) "USA"? All links and torrents I've been able to find are dead, dead, dead, including the ones in the previous Mefi thread. I used to listen to it years ago, the drive it was stored on died, and lately I've been thinking about it and want to give it another listen.
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I love what I'm hearing here. Thank you, Molesome, for the post.

Worth noting: there is lots of other cool stuff available via Kleptone's Soundcloud.
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this is amazing stuff, thanks for bringing it to our attention!
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The MP3 is 320kbps.

Unsurprisingly there's no Kleptones on Spotify. There is a lot on his YouTube channel but not this work. It strikes me there's no room at all for music without copyright clearance on any of the major streaming services. In the past year or so I've transitioned to pretty much entirely using Spotify, it's just so convenient. Never thought about what all I was excluding doing that.
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there's no room at all for music without copyright clearance on any of the major streaming services. [...] Never thought about what all I was excluding doing that.

the copyright stuff was pretty much the first thing I crashed into at Spotify as I tend to spend a lot of time in that universe (mashups, sampling, sound collage in general). I don't even have an account now and can't say I really miss it.

But even Soundcloud is a pain with copyright stuff. The bots get triggered. The file disappears. I've found Mixcloud is the one that works best for my purposes.
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I'm only about an hour in so far but I'm impressed. The mashups I normally listen to are things like Best of Bootie, DJ Cummerbund, DJ Earworm, Super Mash Bros. This is definitely different, but I lack the understanding of music to describe the difference to someone else. This is... less dancey? less pop-y?
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Great stuff. Has a real Ninja Tune / Solid Steel vibe.
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I know what you mean LegallyBread - these are more like soundscapes. There are lyrics I can't identify, even when I know that's Beth Orton or Chuck D singing/rapping them. Eric's gone beyond lyric A matched over track B with these.
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I've never heard of this before, but I'm 4:00 into "OV" and am really digging it so far. Thank you!
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I will always remain a huge fan of 24 Hours,I love all of it, but "If Les Fleur Were Mine" (track 14 of the 2nd part) is a delight.
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I wish he had a Ko-fi. He asks for Patreon subscriptions on his (not updated since 2018) website, but I don't want a subscription. I want to drop him a wad of money for this IMO astonishing project, but not a monthly fee.

Also, are the sample lists for these published anywhere? I think I recognize some stuff, others might just be my brain making a mismatch. Most of it is new to me, but this is really amazing.

It's like if Orbital were all 140BPM and made entirely of other people's music.
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(Also, I suspect there are more than a few Orbital samples in here...)
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Having some issues with the mp3 downloads of ER and LO. They're not playing nice with iTunes, I mean Apple Music. As in, they load into the program, but clicking on them makes the program instant quit. I've tried re-downloading but same effect. OV and AD are working fine.


The files do play fine in VLC, so they are good. Something must be wrong with one of the wrappers or something.
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FWIW, I was having the same problems with ER and LO in mp3 form. I was able to get around that by re-downloading as FLAC and then transcoding in XLD.

This is, as usual for Kleptones, freakin' brilliant stuff.
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Yeah, doing that process now. A pain in the ass, but I do want this on my iPod. I'm old-school.
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I'll test files in iTunes and on my iPod. Perhaps the Kleptones or Apple will care.

ardgedee, about Mr. Fab / RIAA's USA, my interest is piqued. The previous poster is still around, try contacting them?
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> about Mr. Fab / RIAA's USA, my interest is piqued.

It's at The Bootleg Archive for public consumption. Thanks to the mefite who pointed me at it!
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Hmm. I'm having the same problems with ER and LO: Apple Music quits as soon as I dive into those albums, although when I "get info" on the individual files in the Finder, I can play them.
- Tried re-encoding the MP3s as slightly lower bitrate MP3s using LAME. Same result.
- Tried re-encoding the FLACs as both MP3 and AACs using FFMPEG. Same result.

Currently I've got the AACs I encoded in Music. If I right-click on the album, I can play the whole album or add it to the "play next" queue. I can work with the individual tracks in the "Songs" listing, but I can't dive into the album to view the tracks that way.

What seems to be working is to make all the tracks part of the "Overload" album, and numbering the (previously) OV/ER/LO/AD albums as discs 1–4 of 4 (in fact, they're already numbered). I have a vague suspicion the problem is with the album art for ER and LO.

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Oops, I should've reported back: I'm still on Mojave, and iTunes and my iPod were both ok playing all tracks.
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Can someone give me some perspective on music trend? I've been enjoying this greatly, both the melodic aspects and all the fun obscure samples. (I sure wish there was a sample list somewhere...)

But every few minutes the albums devolve back to very rattly drum-n-bass, like it's 2004 or something. At least I think that's the right genre to pin on it. The example at the moment is the track "Lightning Dreams" (from ER).

Am I right? Do a lot of the rhythm bits sound kind of outdated to others? I mean they work, it's still good musicianship, just my ear is getting tired.
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