Don't say nobody told you.
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Don't say nobody told you. Here is NARA's Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents, showing every comment, every bill signing, every communication, executive order, and interview the president has made: everything that goes into the history books...
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check against delivery
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Q: Relaxing a bit?
The President: What?
Q: You've got your shirt off.
The President: If you sweated through your shirt as much as I've sweated through mine, it would be off too.

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check against delivery ???

I knew the NARA kept documents and such, but every comment? What a great resource. Every Democracy/Republic should have one. Thanks for the link, swift.
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Isn't there a university someplace that keeps an archive of almost everything a president or presidential candidate even says? Or is it only active during campaigns? I can't find it again -- or maybe I'm just hallucinating.
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Don't get too excited. The Bush administration often edits the transcripts. There was a story about this a while ago, but a search of newspaper sites and google hasn't turned it up as easily as I hoped.

But kind of related to this, checkit: Fury as Bush keeps key to the archives
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I call upon all nations to do everything they can to stop these
terrorist killers.
Thank you.
Now watch this drive.

I saw this clip on the daily show and nearly peed my pants. He goes from admonishing the Palestinian bombers to golf. TDS played it again as the "moment of zen."
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