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In the late 90's and 2000, YTV aired Freaky Stories, an animated series using a diverse variety of art styles to depict 140 urban legends across its 35 episodes. Not all countries to which the show was exported got to see the host segments, live-action puppet sequences which starred a bug and a maggot living in a greasy-spoon diner. Much of the show was lost until the entire run was rediscovered in 2020. Note: contains - hoo boy - death, gross-out humor, insects, spiders... everything they could get away with in a kid's show, basically. And remember: just because they never happened doesn't mean they ain't true! [MLYT]
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Bubble Yum is so soft because they use spider eggs.

Was that covered?
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MAURICE AND LARRY! i loved this show as a kid. Still the only cockroach and maggot that are tolerable.
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There's a Venn Diagram overlap with Randy Beaman.
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I had completely forgotten this show but it all came rushing back. I'm grabbing a copy for the media server. Gonna enjoy showing this to my niblings.
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Related, the show's writer's bible
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I only vaguely remember this show, but I remember that my sister was entirely grossed out by it.
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Ha - I remember these. Being not a child when these came out but a dubious facsimile of an "adult", I had an acquaintance who had taped them and we would watch these during... uh... our late night "research sessions."
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Given the content and format of the show, watching it while high sounds like an absolute gamble. Urban roulette.
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I remember doing a couple of storyboards for this show. The instructions were basically “keep the animation to an absolute minimum”. Seeing a few of the finished episodes, it looks like there was more leeway than I'd been led to believe - I have to stop taking people so seriously.
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