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Tom Jackson’s Postcard From the Past Twitter feed features old British postcards with captions taken from the messages written on the back. A lot of the cards are very funny but I’m not laughing at anyone but myself. It’s our own lives that are written on these cards … It strikes me that the past is funny and odd and serious and heart-breaking and packed full of people who feel a lot like us. Jackson also hosts Podcast From the Past, “the weekly podcast where we discover the memories, mysteries and stories held by postcards that for some reason we never threw away. Each time, host Tom Jackson – the creator of the Postcard From The Past twitter feed and book – welcomes two guests to the studio to share their cards and tell their stories.”
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That really bloody one down the scroll is like "uh, oh".
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This is an excellent seaside resort if you like that kind of thing
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Hope you had good congress.
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My suppositories don’t taste so good now.
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I’m actually super jealous of this one

The two Alans and I are going to the Theatre tonight to see Tim Brooke Taylor, Hugh Paddick, Richard Murdock etc in a play.

Tim Brooke-Taylor was a goddam comedy legend who passed after complications from Covid-19. I’d have happily accompanied the two Alans to see the play….
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I quite like the way that each Postcard from the Past serves as a sort of live audition of aspiring comedy writers. Could you write a witty response to "Our 'disco' days are over" that garners likes into double figures?
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I couldn’t, but then again I’m just having fun reading them not as postcards, but rather as either the world’s best/worst Tinder profiles:
I cower under the trees
or the world’s best/worst review of Tinder dates:
Didn't reckon much on Scarborough - all cockles & one arm bandits.
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Tim Brooke-Taylor was a goddam comedy legend

Paddick and Murdoch were no slouches either. Paddick was Kenneth Williams' partner in Round the Horne's famous Julian & Sandy sketches, while Murdoch starred in landmark radio comedies like Much Binding in the Marsh and The Men from the Ministry. And all sharing a single stage that night!
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I actually tried to find out which play it is - but my google-fu fails me. I could find that Brooke-Taylor and Paddick had shared a couple of theater productions - including Michael Pertwee's Don't Just Lie There, Say Something! and also in John Chapman and Ray Cooney's Not Now Darling apparently. But not one with Murdoch as well that I could find....
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